Q: Where is WingFest held?

A: The Larkspur Marina. The exact location is confidential and will be distributed through secure channels to those that RSVP prior to the event. 

Q: What type of entertainment is there at WingFest?

A: We're holding the event during the 49ers @ LA Rams game. Multiple TVs will be set up, so you won't miss a single touchdown.

Q: How do I get invited to this exclusive event?

A: Know somebody who knows somebody. While you must be on the guest list to guarantee entry, board members will vote to allow entry of WingFest crashers.

Q: Are kids welcome?

A: Kids are welcome to join, but make sure they can handle the flavorful chicken wings that take center stage.

Q: Where do the wings come from?

A: Chickens. Hot Sauce and Panko is our trusted partner when it comes to sourcing delicious cooked wings. We will also be featuring an in-house wing flavor.

Q: Will there be gambling or other illicit activities?

A: Yes. Don't forget to grab your squares for the football game before the 12:45 pm deadline!

Q: Who is the reigning chicken wing eating champion?

A: Alan Grady currently holds the record, at 45 wings during the historic WingFest 2022. And that's not even counting the wings he swiped from his wife's plate. 

Q: Will there be tasty beverages?

A: Illegal Cuban rum has been smuggled into the US to continue with Havana Club 7 and Mexican Coke as the official beverage. We've also got other spirits, beer, wine, and various non-alcoholic beverages.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Just yourself! We are covered on food & bev, please check out our Chickstarter tab to help support this event.

Q: Will there be a buffalo sauce fountain?

A: Don’t ask stupid questions.

Q: What if I can't handle spice?

A: Don't sweat it. Our wings will range from no heat all the way up to colon-crisping.

Q: What do vegetarians eat?

A: Vegetables.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: No, especially if it’s an emotional support animal.