Mike - Chief Executive Officer

Genius. Legend. Saint. While these things can’t be said about our CEO, Mike has selflessly dedicated his life to WingFest.

Alan - Chief Chicken Officer

With a Doctorate in Poultry Science from the International Wing Institute, Alan has advanced the art and science of chicken wing cuisines. AKA “Keg Master”

Andy - Chief Marketing Officer

Expert in consumer behavior, brand management, and digital marketing, Andy has significantly increased the festival’s visibility and attracted a broader and more diverse audience to the exclusive event.

David - Chief Innovation Officer

While not fulfilling professional obligations for WingFest, in his free time David enjoys institutional corruption, inequality, divisiveness, and travel. HPV negative.

Alfred - Chief Logistics Officer

The mastermind behind seamless festival operations, Alfred has vast experience in wing logistics. Accomplishments include solving the Great Hot Sauce Drought of 1974 and sheltering refugees during the Bulgarian Wing Famine. 

Nate - Chief Taste Officer

With a tongue insured for $69 Million, his distinguished palate has refined the WingFest menu to perfection, bringing smiles to many faces.